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May 17, 2022

Wordeee Co-Founder Patrice Samara on The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

Wordeee Co-Founder Patrice Samara on The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

Patrice Samara is the Co-Founder of Wordeee, a hybrid publisher and creative community for writers.

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Patrice Samara is an Emmy, Parent's Choice multi-award-winning author, producer and Global Communications Advisor working in over 40 countries. She has been a 2 X United Nations NGO representative and is a cross cultural expert, the author of seven children's books and published/edited many more. She has worked with Walt Disney, The Jim Henson Company, Best Brands, Busch Gardens, Kids Klassics, Putumayo Kids, and many more.

Wordeee is a hybrid publisher and creative community for writers who struggle to get their ideas and words heard. Forward thinking in our approach to publishing, we surround our authors 360degrees with a platform that supports every aspect of their success. 

Join us in The Business Spotlight in podcast syndication. Connect with Patrice at and register for the Writing for Children and Families Workshop June 11, 2022.

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