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Christina & Gene McMurray

On We're An Open Book, Christina and Gene McMurry bring their on-going series, sharing Chris' book Live, Laugh, Fly and the journey she and Gene have traveled. Losing their son Scott to a rare form of cancer, Chris followed the signs and wrote her book, to share a lifetime of lessons of faith, perseverance, understanding higher powers, and somehow being able to move on. 

Chris and Gene have learned that, no matter how bad things get, with family and faith you can survive anything and come out on the other side as more complete human beings.

We're an Open Book Episode 1 ~ The debut of We're An Open Book with Christina and Gene McMurray. In this ongoing series, Chris and Gene will be sharing their journey.

We're an Open Book Episode 2 ~ Our listeners reached out to Chris and Gene, sharing their grief stories, and they share thm in this episode.

We're an Open Book Episode 3 ~ Chris and Gene McMurry share their early life together...from falling in love to dealing with Gene's addictions and so much more. When they say "We're and open book" they mean it!

We're an Open Book Episode 4 ~ On this episode Chris and Gene McMurry discuss the surprises and struggles newlywed lives and raising young children often bring.

We're an Open Book Episode 5 ~ Dealing with grief and stress not only affects the holidays, but it affects your day to day life, too!

We're an Open Book Episode 6 ~ Chris and Gene really share the unvarnished truth of their journey. In this episode they focus on their separation and the opportunity for personal growth.

We're an Open Book Episode 7 ~ Never shying away from the tough talk, Chris and Gene McMurray candidly share a conversation that would change the course of their relationship. 

We're an Open Book Episode 8 ~ The conversation continues as Chris and Gene share their unique path to forgiveness and remarriage and a chapter from "Live, Laugh, Fly". 

We're an Open Book Episode 9 ~ One emergency room visit on New Year's Day in 2008 changed everything in an instant.

We're an Open Book Episode 10 ~ On today's episode Chris and Gene share how they truly learned the meaning of Never Say Never!

We're an Open Book Episode 11 ~ Chris & Gene share the year of Scott's cancer treatments and his determination to doing it his way!

We're an Open Book Episode 12 ~ Recapping last months episode and then sharing their journey as their son Scott was determined to do it his way...and boy did he!

We're an Open Book Episode 13 ~ On the final episode of We're An Open Book, Chris and Gene share the last chapter in Live, Laugh, Fly and Scott's last days.