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Tonia Torrellas

Tonia Torrellas is an advocate for giving back to others and a serial problem-solver, and she steps up to the roles of nurse, mompreneur, creator and inventor every day. On a mission to eliminate plastic waste - Tonia, developed It’s My Bag

When she’s not working on It’s My Bag reusables; you can find her creating her very special Aunt Toni’s Yummy Crummy Crumb Cakes, a family staple that is close to her heart. What started as a hobby at home quickly turned into a passion. 

Tonia began making the cakes for her family, and after one particular Christmas season, she almost gave up when the batch would not come out correctly. A few weeks later, her husband had passed away, and Tonia threw herself into the kitchen and began making the family favorite again. Now, she is certified to bake and sell from her home. Homemade with love and way too much butter, she brings the recipe that brought smiles to her family to other families in the area.

B~Our Planets Solution with Tonia Torrellas

Barbara Majeski  Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living with purpose and approaching all aspects of living confidentiality; after recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer, the “Curator of the Good Life” was born.

Assemblywoman Taylor Darling Believing in the Power of One, Tonia Torrellas travels to Albany, NY to speak with elected officials about how they can B-Our Planets Solution.

Moe Hashemi and Sneaker Impact Sneaker Impact recycles old sneakers to be part of the solution!

Jaina Shaw and Big Adventure Goods Handmade décor, vintage galore, and everything dinosaur is what Jaina Shaw and Big Adventure Goods is all about. Throughout her work, Jaina is committed to her part to #BOurPlanetsSolution one reusable at a time!

Aunt Toni's Yummy Crumby Crumb CakesTonia Torrellas is a guest, in her own show, as she shares her delicious new business venue with WoMRadio founder Dori DeCarlo. 

Guest Ted OgbergJoin Tonia Torrellas as she shows her guest, Ted Oberg, how All American Auctions is part of the sustainable, renew, reuse and repurpose ways to B-Our Planets Solution!

B~Our Planets Solution Debut  Host Tonia Torrellas asks “What’s in Your Closet”?! You need It'sMyBag a patented multi-functional garment bag alternative to disposable plastic bags.


Tonia as a Guest on WoMRadio

Its My Bag on Zulily ~ A Nurse's Essential Clothing Distancing Solution for Frontliners is Gaining National Attention! Find out how Tonia Torrellas is making a difference

We introduced Its My Bag Creator Tonia Torrellasback in 2019 ~ Earth day isn't one day a year! Tonia Torrellas is working to change one small thing - and we can be part of that change, one reusable at a time!