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May 17, 2023

Assemblywoman Taylor Darling on B~Our Planets Solution with Tonia Torrellas

Assemblywoman Taylor Darling on B~Our Planets Solution with Tonia Torrellas

Believing in the Power of One, Tonia Torrellas travels to Albany, NY to speak with elected officials about how they can B-Our Planets Solution.

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Host Tonia Torrellas and WoMRadio Founder Dori DeCarlo spent the day at the Capital in Albany, NY in support of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act and the Bigger Better Bottle Bill. Tonia and Dori had the chance to speak with Assemblywoman Taylor Darling, who came off the floor to meet with us, and Monique Fitzgerald from the Long Island Progressive Collition. 

Tonia's journey began with Its My Bag, a reusable dry cleaner bag that is: Environmentally, Consumer & Business Friendly!! It's Easy To "B" Green! She is fighting the good fight to make a difference one reusable at a time! 

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