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March 23, 2023

Tonia Torrellas is the Guest on Her Show B~Our Planets Solution on WoMRadio

Tonia Torrellas is the Guest on Her Show B~Our Planets Solution on WoMRadio

WoMRadio founder Dori DeCarlo interviews Tonia Torrellas on her show B~Our Planets Solution. This time Tonia is sharing Aunt Toni's Yummy Crummys!!!

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Tonia Torrellas is an advocate for giving back to others and a serial problem-solver, and she steps up to the roles of nurse, mompreneur, creator and inventor every day. On a mission to eliminate plastic waste - Tonia, developed It’s My Bag

When she’s not working on It’s My Bag reusables; you can find her creating her very special Aunt Toni’s Yummy Crummy Crumb Cakes, a family staple that is close to her heart. What started as a hobby at home quickly turned into a passion. 

Tonia began making the cakes for her family, and is certified to bake and sell from her home. Homemade with love and way too much butter, she brings the recipe that brought smiles to her family to other families in the area.

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