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April 11, 2023

The Stīl Trust Founder Asbasia Mikhail on The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom

The Stīl Trust helps you rediscover your closet & rock what you own. Get custom looks with your favorite wardrobe items.

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Asbasia Mikhail is the founder of The Stīl Trust. The Stīl (pronounced Style) Trust, is a personalized styling platform that connects real people with real-life expert stylists.

They offer the world’s only wardrobe consultant team that delivers a patented style match service customized to fit you. They virtually connect busy, style-minded individuals to expert stylists who will curate outfits for them based on their taste preferences, body shape, and budget. Their goal is to get you looking and feeling your best while taking the struggle out of figuring out 'what to wear' and providing confidence in every outfit.

The Stīl Trust offers the world's first patented STYLEMATCH service in which their stylists will customize looks for that item in your closet that fits you perfectly and you have been wanting to wear but you just don't know how to style/match. 

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