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April 12, 2023

The itavi™ Method Founder Ayana Rodriguez on The Parents Corner on Word of Mom

The itavi™ Method Founder Ayana Rodriguez on The Parents Corner on Word of Mom

The itavi™ Method It’s an engaging program curated by industry experts consisting of play, exercise, learning and crafting that gives traveling parents peace of mind.

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Ayana Rodriguez is the founder of The itavi Method, the award-winning child care program that has gained
undivided popularity across Florida and the country. It provides the best in trained and equipped professionals in the child care space, consisting of play, exercise, learning, reading and arts and crafts for
all ages, while highlighting the local and unique culture of your destination, no matter the city you are staying in. It's an experience that kids are proven to love and learn from, making for the best day ever.
Identifying Child Care Deserved Better: Creating A Program That Proves A Cut Above Ayana originally created the program to better the child care space, after personally seeing a void in the industry as a working mother with three children. Here, she
observed a lack of accountability, a missing
consistency in expectations and an absence in trusted professionals who have the tools to bring value to the time spent with her children. She identified that child care simply deserved better. So, as a result, she created
The itavi Method. It's the ultimate resolve for the child care space, presenting a tech-enabled and educational service that offers an engaging, dynamic, and developmental, in addition to positive experience for parents and children alike. It’s a child care program that proves a cut above.
Finding Confidence & Determination: Learning The Tools To Develop The itavi Method
Ayana graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont, California and Miami Herbert Business School at University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Here, while studying, she found a strong passion for the child care space and the need to protect mothers and their children. She went on to work with many different state funded and non-for-profit organizations whose mission was for the betterment of children, including Florida Guardian Ad Litem, Honey Shine Mentoring Program, Junior League of Miami, Beaux Arts and
The Miami Foundation, many of which she continues to work with today. However, it was not until she worked with Perry Ellis, in addition to launching her own successful children’s boutique, Twinkle, that she learned the tools which later on would help her to develop The itavi Method: confidence and determination.
These tools became the basis to the foundation of her successful leadership skills, outside of passion, need and consistency, which as a result, made The itavi Method the award-winning child care program it is today.
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