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Aug. 8, 2022

Singer-Songwriter Crow Johnson Evans on Music, Movies and Matinees on WoMRadio

Singer-Songwriter Crow Johnson Evans on Music, Movies and Matinees on WoMRadio

Award winning song writer/performer, Crow Johnson Evans has turned her efforts of the last decade to weaving stories and spinning yarns.

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Crow Johnson Evans, aka Auntie Crow, loves creating: songs, weavings, yarns, paintings, stories, and nests for others to explore their creativity. At 78 years old, she’s retired from years on the road as a performing songwriter. Her music is still being aired here and there. CrowSpun, her business, does interviews with authors, artists, and musicians—friends met across the years, with their own amazing stories. CrowSpun tells the story behind some of her songs and theirs. She believes it’s never too late to explore and experience the adventure of learning about new skills, ideas, and people. 

Join us August 8th 1pmET/10amPT and then in podcast on Music, Movies and Matinees. Be sure to connect with Crow at and, Enjoy her music on BandCamp and on FacebookInstagramand  LinkedIn.

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