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Sept. 7, 2021

Sharla Feldscher Brings KIDFUN AND MORE with Elaine Sugar to Word of Mom Radio

KIDFUN AND MORE spotlights the work that Elaine Sugar is doing as she teaches kids affirmations, money management and more.

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Sharla Feldscher is here with KIDFUN AND MORE! On this podcast Elaine Sugar shares her journey as an Educator, Coordinatorm and Specialist in teaching kids affirmations and also money management, and as a presenter of programs on positive thinking for youth.

Elaine’s passion is teaching children the value of positive thinkingand speaking. It's the foundation for her company Kids, More S.U.G.A.R. (Saying Unforgettable Good Affirmations Regularly). She is an award-winning children’s program facilitator (Philadelphia 76ers Hometown Hero Award) and children’s book author. Also, a Mental Health Advocate, she is Founder of the M.A.P.S. Global Events non-profit organization, which provides on-going mental wellness support.

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