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May 11, 2022

On KIDFUN AND MORE Sharla Feldscher Shares Fly Legacy GM Alex Souponetsky

KIDFUN AND MORE: 401 Easy Ideas for Kids! On this show Author and Host Sharla Feldschershares the GM of Fly Legacy Aviation Alex Souponetsky.

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On KIDFUN AND MORE Sharla Feldscher shares Alex Souponetsky the General Manager of Fly Legacy Aviation, a preeminent flight school in the Philadelphia region that offers FAA certified programs for professional as well as recreational pilots. A 3rd generation aviator, Alex is passionate about growing the awareness especially among the young people of all the possibilities the aviation industry currently offers. Due to a global pilot shortage, the economics are now on the pilots' side, with high and rising salaries based on historic levels and compare to other occupations. Students can start their flight training at a very early age and progress at their own pace, skipping college and going straight to the airlines. Certainly, being a pilot is not for everyone, but for that unique 1-2% of us that it is, now is an amazing time to become one. 

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