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Jan. 18, 2022

Lauren Boyd Shines in The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

Lauren Boyd Shines in The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

Lauren Boyd is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who left behind the overwhelm of corporate law to empower entrepreneurs at all stages in their journey.

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Lauren Boyd is an entrepreneur, attorney, podcast host, speaker, and proud mother-to-be who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs gain confidence in their legal foundation. Before venturing out on her own, Lauren was in a predicament many attorneys face. She worked in corporate law, climbing the ladder negotiating more than $3 billion in international contracts — but she found herself feeling uninspired and burned out. 

In 2018, Lauren started and scaled her own six-figure boutique law firm, Guide My Business, in less than 12 months. Through Guide My Business, Lauren empowers entrepreneurs to build a strong foundation for their businesses through relationship-focused legal advice, without relying on fear-based terms — instead, Lauren comes from a place of empowerment and education.

Lauren has since expanded her services and team to serve more clients and provide employment opportunities to other legal professionals. At her firm, Lauren is committed to creating a new way for attorneys to have a more intentional work-life integration by offering part-time positions in an office that is closed on Fridays. Through this unique employment model, Lauren aims to change the underlying narrative of the legal profession for attorneys while also paving the way for more women to have fulfilling careers without sacrificing their personal life.

To help even more business owners, Lauren created a contract template shop — which includes a growing library of legal agreements and bundles — for entrepreneurs in the do-it-yourself stage of their journey. At the heart of all she does, Lauren is driven by her passion for helping entrepreneurs own their brand and their day, which is the theme of her podcast, The Lauren Boyd Show. 

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