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July 17, 2021

KIDFUN AND MORE with Sharla Feldscher and Guest Andrea Green on WoMRadio

Sharla Feldscher hosts KIDFUN AND MORE with guests who have a special interest in children either as an expert, entrepreneur, parent, educator or more. They’ll

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Sharla Feldscher, author of several KIDFUN books including the most recent, KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play (Wordeee publishing), is hosting the KIDFUN AND MORE Podcast on the Word of Mom Network. Sharla’s first guest on her KIDFUN AND MORE Podcast is Andrea Green, multi-award winning composer/playwright of musicals for children and families. The documentary about Andrea’s work, On the Other Side of the Fence, by producer Henry Nevison, won a mid-Atlantic Emmy Award, a United Nations Public Affairs Award and many others. Her works are performed worldwide by children’s theater organizations including the Stephen Sondheim Center. Andrea will share the story of her career and the importance on delivering positive inclusive messages through music and performance. Find out more at  

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