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May 18, 2022

Jaime Villalovos Shares Happy & Strong in the Authors Alley on Word of Mom Radio

Jaime Villalovos Shares Happy & Strong in the Authors Alley on Word of Mom Radio

Jaime Villalovos is the author of Happy & Strong, which gives you valuable tools and methods, not empty promises.

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Jaime Villalovos is a mom of four, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and business coach. She became a seven-figure earner before the age of 30 while raising her growing family, earning her the nickname of “the balance queen.” Jaime’s passion is helping people reach their dreams while finding true happiness. She’s an inspiration to women who want to pursue their passion and be nurturing mothers.

Her Happy & Strong mission is to touch 100 million lives through education, philanthropy, and leadership development.

Join us in podcast anytime and connect with Jaime at and on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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