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April 6, 2023

Green Glider Creator Tanya Lewis on B~Our Planets Solution with Tonia Torrellas

Green Glider Creator Tanya Lewis on B~Our Planets Solution with Tonia Torrellas

Tanya Lewis invites you to join Green Glider in the Revolution to End the Disposable Trend with our exciting alternative to wasteful, disposable mop pads. Now you have a smarter choice with Green Glider’s top quality, high performance, reusable mop pads.

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Back when her baby was at the age where he was learning how to crawl, Tanya Lewis realized any dirt on the floor would cling to his little hands, then his hands would unfailingly go straight into his mouth. Wanting to keep the floors clean, Tanya bought the mop with reusable pads. After the first week of owning her new spray mop system, she quickly went through the first and ONLY box of disposable refills she ever bought. The unnecessary trash that refills generated did not sit well with her at all. And that’s when it came to her….if no one else was going to make a top quality, reusable mop pad then she would! At that time, no one had heard of reusable mop pads. Green Glider WAS the first! So Tanya patented this process that is incorporated into all of the Green Glider cleaning products – sobe sure and watch for their expanded product line!

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