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July 12, 2022

Gladys Simen Founder of My Life Couch on The Coaching Corner on Word of Mom

Gladys Simen Founder of My Life Couch on The Coaching Corner on Word of Mom

There’s no way to be a perfect working mama, and a million ways to be a good one. This is a mantra that Gladys Simen shares.

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Gladys Simen is a life coach for moms who are trying to balance their work and family life. It took becoming a fabulous mama for her to tap into some BIG superpowers within herself. Superpowers like staying present in the moment, being courageous, and advocating for herself and others. Gladys launched her coaching business “My Life Couch” where she holds the space for working mothers and welcomes these women onto her “couch” to discover how they can live boldly and authentically.

Now, Gladys is passionate about helping women live big, beautiful, shooting-for-the-stars kind of lives…right now. Not in 10 years. Not when the kids are grown. Not after that promotion finally comes around. Right. Now. When she is not guiding women to a more authentic life, Gladys enjoys time with her husband and her fabulous duo in Toronto, Canada. 

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