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Sept. 8, 2022

Founder of Dtocs Pallavi Pande on The Mompreneur Model on Word of Mom Radio

Founder of Dtocs Pallavi Pande on The Mompreneur Model on Word of Mom Radio

"Responsible living- towards mother nature, towards our kids and towards our community" That is Pallavi Pande's Motto and inspiration for my brand DTOCS.

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Pallavi Pande, is the Mompreneur Founder of DTOCS palm leaf tableware company. DTOCS tableware is made from naturally fallen palm leaves. They are chemical free, plastic free, compostable, microwave safe, elegant and single use disposable for the food,hospitality and camping industry.  Pallavi is a mother of 2 young DTOCS brand ambassadors and a passionate entrepreneur and I started my brand DTOCS with this these 3 things in mind- Sustainability, Community and Usability. 

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