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Dec. 15, 2022

Elizabeth Koshy Shares in The Business Spotlight on WoMRadio

Elizabeth Koshy Shares in The Business Spotlight on WoMRadio

Elizabeth’s journey to the realm of organic skincare has gone from a moment of epiphany to standing up for a unique cause. It was definitely not a cake walk!

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Elizabeth Koshy, is a serial entrepreneur who launched Empress Naturals, a 100% Clean and USDA Certified Organic Skincare Company in 2022. Empress Naturals was born out of Elizabeth’s life experiences that led her to adopt a minimalistic and most importantly, chemical-free lifestyle. Elizabeth is empowered by her qualification in Management Studies and experience with a multinational personal-care company. As Group Product Manager, Elizabeth worked on multiple skincare launches and now finds her passion for skincare re-igniting with the birth of Empress Naturals. 

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