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Dec. 20, 2022

Cindy Barberes Founder of H. Honeycup in the Business Spotlight on WoMRadio

Cindy Barberes Founder of H. Honeycup in the Business Spotlight on WoMRadio

H. Honeycup, is Body Care with a Cause! Find out why Founder Cindy Barberes is motivated to give back to the community!

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Cindy Barberes was focused on the facts: black and white. After corporate, she discovered many beautiful colors through self-care, and was motivated to create a natural skincare business that gives back to the community. H. Honeycup delivers nontoxic body care designed to be safe for a clean lifestyle. They donate plant-based products to those in recovery. Four products are MADE SAFE® Certified. Their vegan beauty delivers benefits of effective skincare without harsh chemicals. Transparent ingredients help cleanse, moisturize, calm and rejuvenate. H. Honeycup, Body Care with a Cause!

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