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July 27, 2021

Brave Healer Productions Laura Di Franco and Guest Dianna Leeder on WoMRadio

Brave Healer Productions Laura Di Franco and Guest Dianna Leeder on WoMRadio

Your words will change the world, when you’re brave enough to share them. Laura Di Franco shares Dianna Leeder and how women's voices are changing the world!

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  • Women's voices are changing the world! Laura Di Franco is the host of Brave Healer and CEO of Brave Healer Productions, where they publish world-changing holistic wellness books. Laura will help you share your message, build your business, and leave your legacy with your brave words. 

    On this episode of Brave Healer, Laura welcomes Dianna Leeder, CPCC. Dianna a Canadian author, podcaster and owner of Crave Move Life Coaching. She's an expert at helping women find and confidently use their voices. Dianna believes the time of women's voices being silenced is over and through her Voices of Women Project, gives women a platform for healing and learning that they too can live out loud! Connect with Dianna at and on Facebook Groups at Find Your Voice Women, and get your copy of Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2: Powerful Women, Real Stories on Amazon.

    Ready to find out more about sharing your brave word and story...connect with Laura at and at @KickAssWarriorGoddess on Facebook.

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