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Sept. 21, 2022

Ana Tucker Brings Brain Love Health to Healthy Habits on Word of Mom Radio

Ana Tucker brings ingredients backed by science to Brain Love's formula, containing natural ingredients combined to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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Ana Tucker has dedicated over 20 years studying and applying functional nutritional approaches to health. A native of Costa Rica, Ana spent her early life living close to one of the world’s famed Blue Zones, absorbing the healthy lifestyle which make these places unique. As a functional nutrition counselor and co-founder of Brain Love Health she focuses on the root causes of Alzheimer’s disease, filling in the gap of prevention between a person and their doctor to maintain long-term brain health. Ana is a significant driving force in providing the scientific balance necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes to prevent cognitive decline as we age, and ensuring self-love and compassion as the starting point of her life’s work. She’s also a mother to two beautiful daughters, Luna and Violet.

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