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March 10, 2022

10 Years on the Air with The Mompreneur Model Show on Word of Mom Radio

10 Years on the Air with The Mompreneur Model Show on Word of Mom Radio

Janice Clark and Renee Sullivan have been with Word of Mom Radio from the start and help me kick off our 10 Year celebrations!

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Word of Mom Radio has been empowering, encouraging and educating Mompreneurs and Business Women since 2012 - and we are still going strong. We are kicking off our 10 Year Anniversary with the two women who have been with us since the start! 

Janice Clark, owner of BizMSolutions, was my first Mompreneur guest and host, when she brought Social Media Help Not Hype to WoMRadio. Renee Sullivan gave us her first ever interview, became our first sponsor, and then hosted Keep it Simple with Renee that spanned everything from online marketing to bitcoin and more. Now the owner of ALA Services, Renee continues to make a difference!

These two wonderful women join me on The Mompreneur Model to share where they are now, and their history with Word of Mom Radio. Join us live or in podcast archive anytime here and on

Reach out to Janice at BizMSolutions.comFacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.  

Connect with Renee at ALAServicesHiring.comFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

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