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Oct. 25, 2021

Jeannette Paxia's Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives Shares Sharifah Hardie

Jeannette Paxia's Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives Shares Sharifah Hardie

With over twenty five years of business experience, Sharifah Hardie has positioned herself to become one of the top executives in entertainment, business, polit

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Jeannette Paxia is talking to Ordinary People about their lives in the show that focuses on Extraordinary Events in their lives. We all have stories, we have all learned lessons and have events that have changed their lives, listen to connect with people from all over the world.

On this episode, Jeannette welcomes Sharifah Hardie, business consultant, author, talk show host, and Candidate for 2024 California State Senate District 33. Sharifah built her first website in 1994, and has had an online presence ever since. She launched her first radio show in 2009 and is passionate about business. Sharifah was laid off over 8 times, yet didn’t quit. She used the experience and knowledge she gained working for these companies to benefit the businesses she now consults.

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