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July 13, 2021

TV Influencer Dawn McCarthy in The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

TV Influencer Dawn McCarthy in The Business Spotlight on Word of Mom Radio

Dawn McCarthy has been named "The go to girl" for all types of products for any occasion and seen on every major network and cities across the U.S.

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Dawn McCarthy is a TV Expert/Advisor/Influencer and Dawn's Corner has always been at the forefront of what's in and now. Dawn loves connecting with business owners, public relation firms, budding entrepreneurs, and that stay-at-home mom that just created the ultimate product that makes you think..."Why didn't I think of that?" Dawn only work with products that she would personally use or recommend, and introduces you to brands you might have never heard of before. Dawn also work with many Entrepreneurs getting them ready for their On-Air appearances, or what is more common lately-Skype or Zoom interviews.  Our world is a big place and Dawn welcomes you to hang out in her corner for a little while.

The Business Spotlight is in podcast anytime. Visit and @DawnsCorner on Twitter, @ShopDawnsCorner on Instagram and Facebook and @DawnsCornerTV on YouTube.

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