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Feb. 24, 2022

We're An Open Book

We're An Open Book

Our podcast,We’re an Open Book, is about the trials and tribulations of our family. Our experiences are hardly unique. What is different is our willingness to share where we have been and how we got here.

In April of 2011, our son passed away from a rare form of pediatric cancer, he was 22 years old. In the aftermath of his death, we had many people around us offering love and support, yet we still felt alone. Why? Because few understood what that type of loss meant and felt like. The only true understanding of such devastating grief is through a lens of experience.

From time to time after Scott’s passing, we would connect with other families who had lost children—many felt the same loneliness. There had to be a way to reach out to grieving parents who were hurting.

So we wrote a book to share what we have been through and let others know they are not alone. Our podcast is the natural extension of our book --Live, Laugh, Fly.Since its publication, we have connected with so many people who related to our story.

While the death of our son is a centerpiece, our book is about so much more.  Like I said we are a typical family. We also deal with addiction, divorce, running a business, and losing it to injury. In the end, it is also about hope. As we move forward with the podcast we will discuss it all.

If we hit on something that strikes a nerve, let us know. We love feedback. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and join us onWe're an Open Book. There will be a few tears, a dose of heartache, and more than a few laughs. 

Live, Laugh, Fly  By Christina McMurray is available on Amazon.

All proceeds go to benefit the families of pediatric cancer patients.