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Feb. 16, 2022

Colleen Avis and Lisa Vranken Share on The Authors Alley on WoMRadio

Sacred Spaces, Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body and Home Transformation co-authors Colleen Avis & Lisa Vranken

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Colleen Avis and Lisa Vranken are co-authors of the book "Sacred Spaces, Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation". #1 for New Releases on Amazon, Sacred Spaces has been honored with the international award from Books for Peace in 2022.

Colleen Avis is an award-winning #1 bestselling author and certified Chopra Life Coach. She owns Subtle Shifts and is the founder of the nonprofit Be Brave and Shave, the first pediatric oncology chair at Children’s National Hospital.

Lisa Vranken is an exceptional business leader, number-one bestselling author, proficient marketing expert, and globally recognized brand/media strategist. Lisa is the Executive Vice President of Fortune Media Group, Inc., where she spearheads programming for Shark Discoveries and     

***Book Signing***
February 25th from 6-9 pm at DeBilzan Galleries, 38 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida for an exclusive evening celebrating the best-selling award-winning book "Sacred Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation". Canapes & champagne to be enjoyed! Click here for tickets!

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